Why Join Daisy Blue?

Dream Naturally With Daisy Blue

Everything we do at Daisy Blue is natural, including how we choose to educate and offer our products to others. What is your dream? Are you looking for financial freedom, are you looking for spiritual growth, or do you want to live your passion? You can begin on your dream path with Daisy Blue!

Financial Freedom

Daisy Blue offers you an opportunity to make money, while sharing our products at your fun & educational spa party experiences

Spiritual Growth

Our products are designed to bring the mind and body peace and the personal growth that you attain while being a Consultant is part of this connection.

Live Your Passion

Begin your new Daisy Blue business and give others the opportunity to learn from you about the unhealthy, chemical-laden products that we are inundated with every day. You become part of something bigger; a community of successful, like-minded women located throughout the Country, whose purpose is, ‘To make a difference in every life they touch!’

Earn What You Are Worth

Daisy Blue Naturals offers a competitive compensation plan including commission income, commission bonuses, and additional leadership consistency bonuses.

Build a Community!

Share your passion for Daisy Blue with others by growing a Daisy Blue team and earn additional team bonuses and commissions!


Be recognized and rewarded for your efforts! Monthly contests & travel incentives are just a few of the ways you earn what you deserve! Earn business tools, free products, free logo items, and more!

Easy To Start Naturally

  1. Complete the Consultant Agreement, and purchase your Dream Start Kit.

  2. Schedule your launch party during your first 20 days as a Consultant.

  3. Be part of the Dream Start Success Program, and earn tons of free products and supplies, just by working your business.

  4. Get ready to have fun sharing Daisy Blue with others, while earning money at the same time, through your spa party experiences!